• K. Hart

GLUTATHIONE, Get Rid Of Dark Spots and Glow From The Inside Out!

Updated: 4 days ago

As humans it is so important to feel beautiful in the skin we are in. I want to share with you both my skin insecurities and my journey to healthier glowing skin. I am prone to hyperpigmentation that has caused me to have a very uneven skin tone, unadorned dark spots on my face and darkening of my elbows, knees, underarms in intimate areas. This was unattractive to me and made me very insecure. I would hide behind corrective primer and layers of foundation. Always being cautious of my extremely dark elbows, I would often hide them in long sleeve shirts. Eventually, I got tired of hiding and I just wanted to feel beautiful. So, I begin my treatment journey to heal my skin from the inside out using Glutathione.

(2 Month update before and after photos treating my skin with Glutathione supplement)

For the past 2 months I have been researching and trying different administration methods of Glutathione: oral, rectal, IV drip, injections and a nebulizer. I will share with you my personal experience and results using these different methods.

What is Glutathione?

To lighten my skin and achieve a more even skin tone I decided to start taking Glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant, it neutralizes radicals, boost the immune system and detoxifies the body. Glutathione cleanses your skin removing all impurities, allowing you to achieve a lighter complexion. When Glutathione is used in high potency it can cause skin lightening by converting melanin into a lighter pigment.

It is important that no matter what method of Glutathione you use, you must take it with at least 1000mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to increase Glutathione levels. I also took Milk Thistle for its amazing skin care benefits as well.

Glutathione In Pill Form

The first method I used was in pill form. I ordered Emily Bright from Amazon. This is a 2000mg "blend". Glutathione is the least active ingredient in this product. I took 2 pills along with 1000mg vitamin C on an empty stomach every morning. I did have a noticeable radiant glow in my skin in a weeks’ time. However, I experienced adverse side effects of feeling anxious ( Please Note: I am very sensitive to stimulants) so I decided to stop taking this brand. I decided to try Jarrow Reduced 500mg Glutathione. I took 2000mg of Jarrow with 1000mg of Vitamin C on an empty stomach. I had no side effects with this brand but the improvement was subtle. You must take Glutathione consistently in a high dosage for at least 4-6 months to see drastic skin improvement using pill form. I’m not that patient, I wanted the microwave effect, I decided to try other method for faster results.

Glutathione in Rectum Administration

The next method I used was rectum administration. I used the powder from the Jarrow capsules 2000mg mixed with distilled water I administer the solution with lube applicators. I ordered from amazon. I would insert the applicator no more than an inch into my rectum while laying on my side. I would stay laying down for at least 10-15 min. I would try my best not to have a bowl movement for at least 1 hour ( that hardly happened, lol). I often found myself running to the toilet in 20 minutes tops. More recently I ordered BulkSupplements Glutathione Reduced Powder to make things easier for myself when mixing my solution.

When you take Glutathione through your rectum, the vitamin is absorbed by the rectum's blood vessels and flows into the bodies circulatory system. This method has a faster onset (reaction), higher absorption and concentration than oral pill form. I have taken Glutathione through my rectum several of times now. The following day, I would always have noticeable glowing skin. This way is a very cost effective compared to intravenous lines with fast results of skin lightening. The cons of this method is you do have a mild burning sensation from the solution. I have mixed my solution with a little bit of baking powder to neutralize this burning sensation but found the baking soda flushed me out a lot. I decided to just deal with the mild burning sensation ( it does not last that long).

Glutathione in IV Drip/Injections

I have done one session of Glutathione through IV drip. I did 1000mg of Glutathione mixed with other vitamins known as a Myers Cocktail for $140. For skin lightening results using Glutathione through IV or injection it is recommended to do 2 session a week, a series of 10-15 treatment. The Glutathione injections in my surrounding area started at $38 (1000mg Glutathione). Glutathione IV and Injection are the most effective and fastest way to get the skin lightening benefits of Glutathione. However, this is the most expensive route. Also, a lot of clinics and drip bars will not give you more than 1200mg of Glutathione. Most places offer in between 600mg-1200mg. I would recommend calling around your local area and ask. I was lucky enough to find an IV clinic that allowed me to add on more if needed.

Glutathione Nebulizer

The last method I have tried is administering Glutathione through a nebulizer (breathing machine). I would mix 1000mg of Glutathione with saline solution and a little bit of baking soda to make my solution more soluble. I would do a breathing treatment for about 10-15min. This method delivers Glutathione to your bloodstream through your lungs. I personally do not like the odd odor this method gives off (Glutathione has a strong smell) so I’ve only used the nebulizer a few times. However, the nebulizer method is another effective way to get high absorption of Glutathione delivered into your bloodstream.

Preferred Methods

I still tend to use all methods of administration of Glutathione. I take my pills in the morning, in the evening I will do an enema. When I have the opportunity I visit a IV bar or go for a Glutathione injection. Every once in a while I will use my nebulizer. My preferred method is defiantly Glutathione injections. However, in my current area Glutathione injections are not available. I travel to the nearest city that does offer Glutathione injections whenever I can.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

If you decide to use Glutathione for its wellness and beauty benefits you also must practice good lifestyle habits. Make sure you have a good skin care regime in place that you practice religiously. Eat a well balanced diet including fruits and vegetables. Make sure you have good gut health and most importantly DRINK WATER. I have stayed consistent with my regime, CONSISTENCY IS KEY TO ACHIEVING RESULTS!

Seek Medical Advice

I am not a physician, this information is not intended to treat or cure anyone. The information I am sharing with you from my own personal experience of my skin-care journey. Speak with your healthcare provider about healthy dosage amounts of Glutathione and if it is right for you.